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Plains Indians Warior Art at «4 Colors»

«4 Colors» is a private on-line gallery featuring a range of original and authentically styled Native American reproduction artifacts, generally based on the styles of the Plains (mainly) or adjacent cultural areas (partially) tribes.

A large number of items (mostly war bonnets and jewelry pieces) are made by Maza Sapa (sometimes with a partial contribution of contemporary Native American artists), others — by a few of prominent Non-Native Plains artists (that are a part of my personal collection). Each item is researched thoroughly, often based on actual museum examples or antique photographs, and all materials used are genuine and historically correct, unless stated otherwise. All of the Gallery items are completely handmade using traditional techniques with no machines and minimal hand tools, and are fully functional — they are ideal for ceremonial or social use, modeling props, collecting or for home decoration. Some of them are offered for sale or trade.

«4 Colors» is targeted for those who have an intrinsic affinity and a strong passion to the aesthetics of an old Plains Indian culture, as well as collectors of the North American Indians Artistry, and requires a leisurely, thoughtful viewing of photo and text contents.

The site is not suitable for stingy beggars, tight bastards, mobile freaks and those who are not able to overpower too long readings (tldr).

Should you have questions or should you need further information concerning one of the items herein, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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