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Featuring a selected number of my previous works and Native American Warrior Art collectibles that now are dispersed in private collections.
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Central Plais style Choker

SKU: 2137.16.01

Inspirational recreation of the Central Plains 3–rows bone hairpipe choker based on the existing originals and my knowledge of a wide range of Plains style chokers in the latter quarter of the 19th century and the early reservation period. Made by me in .

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Lakota Breastplate (replica)

SKU: 2305.07.03

A replica of a late 19th c. breastplate with matching choker in traditional Lakota aesthetics and design based on using red, white and blue colors. Made by me in .

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Lakota Feather War Bonnet (replica)

SKU: 2920.11.02

Late 19th – early 20th c. Lakota (Teton Sioux) style feather war bonnet (reproduction). Made by me in .

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Indian dance breastplate

SKU: 4002.09.02

Original vintage (circa the 1950s) three-panel contemporay Indian dance Breastplate with a beaded medalion. Restored by me in .

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Lakota Ceremonial Pipe-Tomahawk (replica)

SKU: 4047.07.03

Lakota Itazipcho Ceremonial Pipe-Tomahawk (Ceremonial Pipe/Axe (Peace Pipe)) handcrafted by prominent Cherokee artists Joe and Angie (all imitation feathers and reproduction beads were replaced by me with genuine ones).

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Cheyenne Feather War Bonnet (replica)

SKU: 4062.09.01

Museum quality reproduction of the Cheyenne style feather war bonnet handcrafted by brilliant American Plains artists Bill and Kathy Brewers. Not for sale.

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