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There were a great variety of bags and pouches used by Indian warriors for war, hunting or grooming purposes: war (hunting or shot) bags, dispatch/toiletry bags, mirror bags, tobacco/pipe bags etc. Besides, Indians had no pockets, so had to make smaller bags for everything (strike-a-light bags, paint bags etc). Pipe and tobacco bags were used to secure and save Indian Warrior's smoking materials. All these bags' fancy decoration celebrated the contents and served as an item of pride and beauty for all to see. These lavishly decorated bags are equally popular with today's collectors as they were to their early creators and users.
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Paint stick case

SKU: 4019.11.01

Central & Northern Plains style beaded paint stick case with a single flap, handcrafted by a prominent Czech artist Petr Pokorny (RIP).

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Strike-a-Light Bag (replica)

SKU: 4064.09.01

Late 19th c. Southern Cheyenne style Beaded Strike-a-Light Bag handcrafted and beaded by a prominent German Plains artist Norbert Kohlruss at Travels Far Trading.

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Beaded belt pouch

SKU: 4042.07.01

Lakota Itazipcho belt [strike-a-light] pouch handcrafted and beaded for me by prominent Native American artists Joe and Angie, and further improved by me (I repaired beadwork imperfections, added a beaded drop, replaced threads with real sinew).

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War shoulder bag

SKU: 4043.07.01

Lazy-stich beaded shoulder war bag to carry different gear (the extra mocassins, sinew strands, food and repair material etc. — extra anything) while on trail (war party, hunting).

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