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Strong Hearts

The insignias (symbols of office) of Lakota Sante Tinza warrior society consist of: (i) 2 fringed shirts worn by the leaders; (ii) 2 whips with saw-tooth edges and guards of otter skin; (iii) 4 lances: two straight, one of them with a piece of red cloth with a row of black feathers altenating with a row white feathers at a short distance and two crooked ones; (iv) 2 split horn bonnets with a short cloth trailer to which 4 flat rows of eagle feathers were attached; (v) 2 sabers with pendent black otter-skin on the guards, adorned with 2 pairs of eagle feathers; (vi) 2 donut-shaped rattles; (vii) bone whistles.
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Cante Tinze society headdress

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