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Plains war club is a bludgeoning weapon (i.e. crushes flesh and shatters bones — and unlike more refined weapons it does not necessarily need to penetrate foe's armour to do it) manufactured from a hard wood. A club differs from an ordinary wooden stuff (stick), firstly, by its lower weight, secondly, by its greater adaptability to fight, and thirdly, by the presence of “enforcements” by means of bone or iron spikes, spearheads, knife blades, etc. There were many varieties of war club, including: ball-headed with or without spikes, gunstock, stone-headed etc. Among the main types of clubs there are two which had their greatest distribution on the Plains: hummer-type (with a stone head pointed at both ends) and slungshot-type.
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Stone-head Club

SKU: NAM–4000

Reproduction Stone-head Club with Beaded Leather Pendant handcrafted by Native American artists Dave and Jan Hagstrom at Buffalo Heart Studio in . Not for sale.

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