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Dog Soldiers

Dog society was found in most of the Plains, Prairies (Arapaho-Gros Ventre, Arikara, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Crow, Dakota, Hidatsa, Iowa, Lakota, Mandan, Omaha, Plains Cree, Ponka, Sarsi) and even Great Basin tribes (Ute). All of them share common origin, name and distinctive paraphernalia: globular feather bonnet made of black (raven, crow, magpie) or yellow (eagle owl) feathers, no-retreat sashes, connected with bravery obligations, dewclaws (hoofs) rattles, bone whistles and other common traits.
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Dog Soldier bonnet

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Premium-quality reproduction of a mid- to late 19th-century Plains Dog Warrior Society horned bonnet with a quill-decorated browband and a crest of eagle feathers. Made by me in .

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Blackfeet Dogs bonnet

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Kainai (Blood) Dog Warriors Society lay members bonnet of owl feathers with feathered trailer. Made by me in .

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Of all the typical Dog societies of the Plains tribes, the Cheyenne/Lakota Dog soldiers (Hotamétaneo'o) were most distinguished for warlike qualities. About 1830 a certain number of the Cheyenne men and the mixed Cheyenne-Lakota Masikota band joined and formed the Dog Soldiers in a body. Since that time the society has comprised about half the men in the tribe, and has been the most distinct, important, and aggressive of all the warrior societies of the Cheyenne.

Besides, Lakota had it's own version of the Dog society, which was known under a different name — Miwatani (also known as Owl Feather Headdress society and the Iyuptala). Moreover,  as far as I can see, actually there were 2 or even 3 Dog societies (Miwatani and 2 branches of Cante Tinza society: Iku Sapa and Hanhe'pi Cante Tinza with similar functions and paraphernalia (globular bonnets and no-retreat sashes).

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