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Thunder Warriors

Thunder Warriors: (i) Lakota, Dakota and Cheyenne warriors who obtained war medicine, protection and help from the supernatural Thunder being (Thunderbird or the Winged One) without becoming Heyoka-Hohnuhka; (ii) the Heyoka-Hohnuhka or Contrary warriors who were individuals committed to doing the opposite of what others conventionally do, not merely in ceremony or when on the warpath, but on a permanent and daily basis. The Lakota, Dakota and Cheyenne Heyoka-Hohnuhka was a dream cult closely associated with the supernatural Thunder Beings (Thunderbirds, Thunder spirits or Thunder-bow).
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German Silver Gorget

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Thunder Warrior's German Silver cloud-shaped Gorget with rocker-engraved designs and 3 najas along the bottom, handcrafted by a prominent German Plains artist Norbert Kohlruss at Travels Far Trading in . Just for demonstration, not for sale.

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The Lakota individual Heyoka were not war leaders, but they would accompany war parties, typically making no prior announcement of their intention. The role of the Cheyenne contrary warrior in battle was to blow his whistle and charge when his comrades retreated. If he were carrying the Thunder-Bow into battle, he would lead the charge alone. When he switched the Thunder-Bow from his left to his right hand from behind his back, the signal would be given for the other warriors to follow his charge.

Lakota Heyoka tied the cones of the kingfisher at the ends of their spears. Also the Lakotas tied snakeskins around the bows of their Contrary warriors and sometimes used them as a protection against danger.

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