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A number of the Gallery items available for purchase. Other pieces from the Gallery collection indicated as "In collection of the Artist" are not intended for sale or trade. However, if occasionally someone would be interested to buy it, please don't hesitate to contact me. Prices & Purchases are for Members only.

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Northern Plains Choker

SKU: 2201.18.01

Museum quality replica of the Blackfoot 2-rows beaded choker. Made by me in .

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Northern Plains style Choker

SKU: 2202.18.01

Blackfoot or rather Northern Plains-inspired 2-rows choker. Made by me in .

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Beaded pendant (replica)

SKU: 4071.13.01

Reproduction beaded tomahawk (club) pendant handcrafted by a prominent American Plains artist John Burton at Kicking Wolf Gallery. Coordinates with NAM-4030.

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Quilled Whistle Necklace

SKU: 4022.11.01

Reproduction quilled bone war whistle necklace handcrafted by a prominent American artist John Kursch (EarthLodge). Not for sale (unless I would be absolutely compelled by your irresistible offer).

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War shoulder bag

SKU: 4043.07.01

Lazy-stich beaded shoulder war bag to carry different gear (the extra mocassins, sinew strands, food and repair material etc. — extra anything) while on trail (war party, hunting).

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Assiniboine Loop Necklace

SKU: 2344.18.01

Reproduction Northern Plains (Assiniboine, Plains Cree, Sarcee etc) style 10-rows beaded loop necklace / breastplate with bronze medallion and braided human hair pendant. For sale or trade. Handcrafted by me in .

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