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Various unclassified items from the Maza Sapa's Gallery of Plains Indian Warrior Art collection available for purchase. Prices & Purchases are for Members only.

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Beaded pendant (replica)

SKU: 4071.13.01

Reproduction beaded tomahawk (club) pendant handcrafted by a prominent American Plains artist John Burton at Kicking Wolf Gallery. Coordinates with NAM-4030.

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Quilled Whistle Necklace

SKU: 4022.11.01

Reproduction quilled bone war whistle necklace handcrafted by a prominent American artist John Kursch (EarthLodge). Not for sale (unless I would be absolutely compelled by your irresistible offer).

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War pipe assemblage

SKU: 4061.07.01

An outstanding reproduction of Northern Plains war pipe assemblage consisting of an elbow bow (made of black stone), quilled round wood stem and quilled wood tamper.

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