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Among the notable insignias (symbols of office) of this warrior society are: (i) 2 pipes; (ii) 2 fringed shirts and 2 headdresses of two eagle feathers for leaders; (iii) 6 lances: 2 crooked wrapped in wolf skin, 2 straight otter fur wrapped and 2 straight with alternating red and black colors; (iv) one saber (sword) with pendent split black otter fur on the guard, adorned with three pairs of eagle feathers; (v) 2 whips with one serated edge and otter fur wrist loops (guard); (vi) otter skin yokes, which were later adorned with trade mirrors to blind the enemy; (vii) 2 bustles.Wissler mentioned that hairpipe breastplates were part of the regalia identifying members of the Badgers akicita.
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Late 19th c. Lakota Replica Hair Ornament Wapegnaka with horsehair tassel & mirror handcrafted and quilled by a prominent German Plains artist

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Northern Plains Ermine Split Horn Bonnet

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Premium-quality reproduction of a mid- to late 19th-century Northern Plains style ermine split horn bonnet with brass-decorated browband.

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