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» Knife sheath

Knife sheath

Plains Indian knife sheath is a particular container of parflesh or heavy commercial leather to protect the knife and it's user whenever the knife is not being used. A knife can be hung on a belt from the sheath's loop or on a neck like a neckpiece.
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Northern Plains style Dag Sheath

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An outstanding 1850 – 1860s reproduction Northern Plains (perhaps Plains Ojibwa or much more likely Plains Cree) style square bottom type unilaterally beaded dag sheath handcrafted by a prominent Czech craftsman Bronislav Hoksila.

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Great Lakes style Dag Sheath

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An outstanding reproduction Great Lakes style square bottom type bilaterally beaded dag sheath handcrafted by a Polish craftsman Marcin Pejasz.

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Knife Sheath (replica)

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Late 19th c. Central Plains style Replica Knife Sheath handcrafted and beaded by a prominent German Plains artist Norbert Kohlruss at Travels Far Trading.

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Native American knife sheathes

North American Indians were scarcely separable from beads of all kinds. The introduction of the glass beads opened the opportunity for the creation of a class of universally esteemed ornemented items, called beadwork. The most diverse and colorful items of Indian beadwork is the beaded knife sheath.

The raw materials for making knife sheathes

Commercial or tanned leather know as "white man's" leather. The Indian's source of this leather was through trade, salvage or scavenge.

Buckskin also know as brain tanned or Indian made leather.

Parfleche known as stiff dresses rawhide. Most parfleche items were painted with varying designs.

Sinew. Early beadwork and historically accurate reproductions are usually done with real sinew.