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Lakota Itazipcho

Is a collection that unites items, created by me and Native American Artists Joe and Angie of Cherokee Indian decent, and honoring Lakota Sioux Itazipcho (Sans Arc) chief.
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Dag Knife

SKU: 4033.07.01

10-inch fighting dag knife with the blade fastened to a rawhide covered wooden handle. Coordinates with NAM-4039.

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Beaded belt pouch

SKU: 4042.07.01

Lakota Itazipcho belt [strike-a-light] pouch handcrafted and beaded for me by prominent Native American artists Joe and Angie.

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War shoulder bag

SKU: 4043.07.01

Lazy-stich beaded shoulder war bag to carry different gear (the extra mocassins, sinew strands, food and repair material etc. — extra anything) while on trail (war party, hunting).

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Lakota Ceremonial Pipe-Tomahawk (replica)

SKU: 4047.07.03

Lakota Itazipcho Ceremonial Pipe-Tomahawk (Ceremonial Pipe/Axe (Peace Pipe)) handcrafted by prominent Cherokee artists Joe and Angie (all imitation feathers and reproduction beads were replaced by me with genuine ones).

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Native American Lakota style Riding Horse Quirt

SKU: 4046.07.01

Old style two-lash horse riding quirt (riding whip) with elk antler handle and hide wrist strap beaded in 5 lazy stitch lanes of Lakota Itazipcho design, handcrafted for me by prominent Native American artists Joe and Angie.

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Lakota Hairpipe Beaded Breastplate

SKU: 4045.09.01

Reproduction Lakota style bone hairpipe beaded breastplate.

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