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The Lakota Miwatani society, (also known as Owl Feather Headdress society, because every member was obliged to have an owl-feather headdress (hiŋháŋ sonwapa)), was the Lakota version of the Dog society, which was found in most of the Plains & Prairies tribes (Arapaho-Gros Ventre, Arikara, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Crow, Dakota, Hidatsa, Iowa, Mandan, Omaha, Plains Cree, Ponka).

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The principal insignias (paraphernalia or symbols of office) of Lakota Miwatani warrior society consist of: (i) globular bonnets made of raven and/or crow feathers with a medial crest of eagle feathers at top and 4 stake-down red cloth sashes with rabbit ears; (ii) 2 whips with saw-tooth edges and guards of otter skin (similar to those of Sante Tinza); (iii) 2 rattles made of antelope dewclaws (hoof); (iv) bone whistles.

As far as I can see, actually Lakota had 2 or even 3 equivalents of the Dog society (Miwatani and 2 branches of Cante Tinza society: Iku Sapa and Hanhe'pi Cante Tinza) with similar functions and paraphernalia (globular bonnets and no-retreat sashes).

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