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Original or reproduction Plains Indian chokers.
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Bone Hairpipe Choker

SKU: 2200.16.01

Replica of 5-rows circa 1890-s Lakota bone hairpipe choker with brass-tacked spacers. Made by me in in a traditional fashion and with a great attention to the details. Not for sale.

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Northern Plains Choker

SKU: 2139.18.01

Replica of the Sarsi (Sarcee) or Blackfoot 3-rows beaded choker from the AMNH. Made by me in .

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Shoshone choker

SKU: 2001.18.01

Reproduction 3-rows glass-beaded choker with pendants and braided ties. Made by me in .

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Northern style choker

SKU: 2148.18.01

Reproduction 4-rows Northern style bras-beaded chocker with heart-shaped shell concha, beaded loop drop and silk ribbons. Made by me in .

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Hairpipe & Conch Shell Choker

SKU: 2138.16.01

Northern Plains-inspired 4-rows hairpipe and copper beads choker with conch shell medalion. Made by me in .

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Beaded Choker, Northern Plains style

SKU: 2145.18.01

Reproduction Noirthern style 3-rows beaded choker. Made by me in in a traditional fashion, using genuine antique Venetian beads. Not for sale (unless I would be absolutely compelled by your irresistible offer).

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“Plains Indian choker” is a short single- or multi-row necklace of hair tubes (so-called hairpipes), leather, various metal, shell and glass beads, which were originally used by Plains Indian warriors as a necklace and combat armor that protected the warrior’s neck from arrows, spearheads and even bullets.

Today, such jewelry, of course, is not used as an armor and became a part of a traditional jewelry, a must-have accessory for everyday and dance wear of a modern Indians and many white Americans. Chokers presented in the Gallery can be an excellent acquisition for those who are seriously interested in the culture and art of Plains Indians.

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