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Reproduction Plains Indian necklaces.
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Assiniboine Loop Necklace

SKU: 2343.18.01

Reproduction Northern Plains (most possibly Assiniboine) style 12-rows beaded loop necklace / breastplate with Thomas Jefferson Pewter Peace Medal. Handcrafted by me in . Not for sale (unless I would be absolutely compelled by your irresistible offer).

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Blackfeet Replica Loop Necklace

SKU: 4048.09.01

Reproduction Blackfeet 10-rows beaded loop necklace / breastplate of the late Indian wars and early reservation period, handcrafted by a prominent German Plains artist Norbert Kohlruss at Travels Far Trading, and further improved by me (I made new brass-tacked leather spacers with iron jumprings at the bottom and replaced rough side fringes with finer twin ones).

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Thomas Jefferson Peace Medal Chain Necklace

SKU: 2539.16.01

Reproduction Thomas Jefferson Pewter Peace Medal Chain Necklace. For sale or trade. Made by me in .

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Cross Necklace

SKU: 2517.16.01

Reproduction Arrowhead Morning star cross necklace made by me in after a notorious Blackfeet specimen from British Museum.

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Assiniboine Loop Necklace

SKU: 2344.18.01

Reproduction Northern Plains (Assiniboine, Plains Cree, Sarcee etc) style 10-rows beaded loop necklace / breastplate with bronze medallion and braided human hair pendant. For sale or trade. Handcrafted by me in .

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Crow style Loop Necklace with medallions

SKU: 2345.18.01

Reproduction Crow style 9-rows beaded loop necklace / breastplate with genuine Crow tribe medal. Coordinates with the matching choker NAM-2346. Handcrafted by me in . Not for sale (unless I would be absolutely compelled by your irresistible offer).

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For the purposes of the Gallery, the term “Plains Indian necklace” stands for strings of beads (glass, stone, bone, etc.) hanging below the clavicle line (since the shorter length is chokers). The construction and design of historic Plains Indian necklaces is quite primitive from the point of view of a modern jewellery, and there is nothing remarkable in them, except for a few moments:

1) the extant originals are very few in number in order to summarize all the possible variety of construction and designs, especially given the fact that many necklaces were made not for decoration, but for ritual purposes, often ad hoc — just to enhance the postmortal magic (medicine);

2) the main material used for making beads - of natural origin (animal parts, natural stones) plus various components that the Indians received as a result of the exchange with white — exchange beads (Dutch, Venetian, Bohemian, etc.), details of mechanisms.

3) most of them are made with a great taste and an amazing combination of different colors.

All of the above means that the original Indian beads are very expensive and you can buy them only at auctions in an uncompromising struggle with experienced collectors.

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