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Assiniboine Loop Necklace

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Reproduction Northern Plains (Assiniboine, Plains Cree, Sarcee etc) style 10-rows beaded loop necklace / breastplate with bronze medallion and braided human hair pendant. For sale or trade. Handcrafted by me in 2018.

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Made of select bone hairpipes, hollow brass beads, all strung on braintan hide thongs through brass-tacked spacers made from old leather. The bronze medallion with human hair pendant is attached at the top (the first row) of the breastplate.

The breastplate is given an overall aged appearance to look and feel like a real old artefact from the Old days.

Manufacturer: Maza Sapa (4 Colors)

Manufacture year: 2018

Tribal style: Assiniboine, Blackfeet, Plains Cree

Finishing: Artificial patina

Metal: Brass, Iron

Number of rows: 10-rows

Size type: Adjustable

Materilas: Bone hairpipe *, Genuine leather *, Human hair *, Metal beads *, Real sinew *

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Central Plains

Insignia type: Necklace

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