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Hairpipe & Conch Shell Beaded Choker

SKU: 2131.16.01
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Cheyenne-inspired 5-rows bone hairpipe and copper beads choker with abalone shell rosette and drops. Made by me in 2016. Coordinates with matching war bonnet NAM-3001.

In private collection
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Made of select 1,5" genuine bone hairpipes, antiqued round seamed hollow copper beads, abalone shell disk and drops, all strung on deer leather thongs and ties through buffalo leather spacers stained green by natural earth paint. None of artifitial sinew or threads were used.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors)

Manufacture year: 2016

Finishing: Artificial patina

Metal: Copper

Number of rows: 5-rows

Size type: Adjustable

Materials: Antique Venetian beads *, Bone hairpipe *, Genuine leather *, Natural pigment *

Lenght (without ties): 35 cm

Width: 4 cm

Weight: 173 gr

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Central Plains

Insignia type: Choker

Every Indian is an artist by nature (although, like everywhere else, there have certainly been some ham-handed individuals). There are many reports from the pioneers of the Wild West, telling us about the magnificent connatural taste of Indians and their outstanding ability to combine different colors, textures and materials. They loved and knew how to experiment with new clothes and ornaments. Each Indian supposedly had his own paricular choker, inspired by dream visions or made by a specialist (let us call him a "tribal craftsman" who could make custom jewelry for others). You often can see images of chokers with red spacers in the ledger drawings, which, judging by the rare museum exhibits, were stained with red pigment or commercial dye, like cinnabar. But it can be assumed with the same probability that not only red color was used, but any other of the basic colors as well, for example, the natural green pigment that I used in this choker. I think that my experiment should be recognized as successful.

«Hairpipe & Conch Shell Beaded Choker SKU 2131.16.01» is made by me in 2016 in a period-correct fashion using traditional materials. All parts have been artificially aged to give them a special character and to make them look and feel like a real old artifact.

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