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Cross Horn Hairpipe Beaded Breastplate

SKU: 2330.16.01
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Inspirational recreation of the Northern Plains style hair pipe dance breastplate. Made by me in 2016. Coordinates with choker NAM-2134

In private collection
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Comprises hand selected genuine bone hairpipes (40 rows), red, turquoise and white padre beads, all strung on commercial braintan leather fringes through heavy leather spacers. None of artifitial sinew or threads were used.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors)

Manufacture year: 2016

Tribal style: Arapaho, Atsina, Blackfeet

Dimensions (without ties): 27 cm * 44 cm

Weith: heavy

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Breastplate

The style definition for this item is rather tentative. Structurally, 3-paneled breastplates are of a variety adopted by Sioux, since the majority of the Northern Plains tribes preferred the so-called «loop breastplates». But this does not mean that they did not wear Sioux-styled breastplates, especially in the late XIX – early XX centuries. Similar reasoning is also true for the symbolism of the Morning Star in the shape of the Maltese cross — it is the same for all the Algonquin tribes of the Great Plains: Arapaho, Atsina, Blackfeet, Cheyenne. Therefore, it would be more correct to classify this item SKU 2330.16.01 as a breastplate in the Northern Plains style.

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