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Cross Necklace

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Reproduction Arrowhead Morning star cross necklace made by me in 2016 after a notorious Blackfeet specimen from British Museum.

Collection of the Artist
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German silver cross made of separate pieces of metal soldered together; old conch shell pigeon-egg beads; genuine antique light-blue Padre glass beads; brass beads; buckskin thongs. All reproduction parts have been artificially aged to make them look old.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors)

Manufacture year: 2016

Tribal style: Blackfeet

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Necklace

 The pendant ornament in the shape of the Maltese cross has nothing to do with European heraldry or Christianity. In this case, the Algonquian Morning Star symbol is used, which is composed, as I think, from the arrowhead blanks that the Indians cut out of any sheet metal that they had on hand.

 I did not have a goal to make an exact copy, because according to my understanding, the original piece is made catch-as-catch-can, or perhaps it is badly deteriorated over time. So I did not reproduce all the shortcomings, but I tried to render it's spirit and style. A collector's inquisitive eye familiar with the original piece should appreciate my replacement: in the original piece white ceramic or perhaps Olivella glass beads were used, and in my replica — rounded shell bicones, much more elegant and valued by Indians.

Beads manufactured from the shells of the olive snail (Olivella sp.), have long been recognized as time sensitive artifacts in California and neighboring areas. They were prehistorically traded far inland by the local Indians.

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