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Sioux Feather War Bonnet (replica)

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Premium-quality reproduction of a late 19th – early 20th century Sioux flared style feather war bonnet. Made by me in 2016.

In private collection
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An accurate reproduction of a turn of late 19th – early 20th century Lakota flared style war bonnet. Made from 34 select jumbo 14" turkey feathers simulating immature eagle feathers; each feather is attached to the cap by bending and wrapping with red wool trade cloth and tied with leatrher string which runs through a stiff loop. The feathers have white fluff decoration at the base and are tipped with dark red human hair tufts attached by white clay ("coup dots") and bluish fluffs.

The old fashion skull cap made from two pieces of dark brown suede cowhide and sewn with cotton thread, is backed with an old-time red calico fabric and dressed up with narrow rabbit and ermine fur strips in the front.

The buckskin forehead band is done in lazy stitch using seed beads and features Lakota stepped triangles motif on white background. A row of fluted brass beads runs along the top of the browband.

Side decorations consist of lynx fur tubes (5 on each side) tipped with black skunk fur simulating ermine tails and 100% natural silk ribbons.

In the middle of the crown there is a stripped Sun Dance quill, tipped with nice redish feathers and surrounded with a heavy cluster of cut-and-stripped feathers dyed pink and blue.

In the rear portion underneath the feathers is tied a personal war medicine pouch and 4 brass hawk bells.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors)

Manufacture year: 2016

Tribal style: Lakota

Finishing: Artificial patina

Materials: Czech beads *, Ermine fur *, Hawk bells *, Human hair *, Imitation eagle feathers *, Lynx fur *, Metal beads *, Natural silk *, Rabbit fur *, Skunk fur *, Trade cloth *, Turkey feathers (Meleagris) *

Cap circumference: 68 cm (fits heads up to 66 cm)

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Central Plains

Insignia type: Feathered war bonnet

In this bonnet I used select jumbo 14" (real size without artificial extension) turkey feathers simulating immature eagle feathers from my old stock that I've got by a special commission order from Andrew Forsythe ( long ago. Besides, the overall finish and my particular attention to details renders this bonnet a completely believable replica and looks very good to me.

Please note that using turkey or other natural feathers, prepared in a way to simulate eagle or hawk feathers, is a common practice in USA and other contries where birds of prey are under law protection and their use and posession is strictly prohibited except for Native Americans. So if you are not an Indian and don't want the extermination of these rare birds, the use of simulating feathers in this item can not be considered kinda violation or a disadvantage. As it was already mentioned in my article about Indian war bonnets, turkey feathers are generally used for imitation purpose: they are straightened first, then painted or dyed in a paricular way; their price depends on how accurately they simulate the original in shape, size, natural color and texture.

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