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Plains Feather War Bonnet

SKU: 2878.09.01
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Fancy feather headdress for show or tacky party — a zany gift for Heavy / Death Metal music fans & cool bikers.

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Made of imitation eagle feathers tipped with gypsum dots and black human hair tassels; black trade cloth fire-crackers with skull beads at the bottom and white fluffs above; silk side drops. The skull cap sewn of genuine motorcycle jacket is adorned by a large coyote tail in the rear.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors)

Manufacture year: 2009

Materilas: Genuine leather *, Horse hair *, Imitation eagle feathers *, Turkey feathers (Meleagris) *

Размер (по окружности головы): 58 - 60 см

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Central Plains

Insignia type: Feathered war bonnet

«Plains Feather War Bonnet » (SKU 2878.09.01) is exclusively my own design and is not a replica of any original Indian or other headdress. Being a true metalhead and metal music fan, I'd been cherishing it's idea for a long time, collecting the right materials, and in 2009 I decided to sacrifice my favorite motorcycle jacket to make a skull cap, then I attached the feathers, put on a bunch of crosses and skulls and finally patinated metal parts to give the bonnet a more brutal look. I think that the idea had a great success, because for a couple of years, while «Plains Feather War Bonnet » was exposed for the public, it was continually borrowed for a number of art and advertising photo shoots.

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