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Plains style flaring war bonnet with a focal pompon

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Handcrafted from 26 carefully selected primary wing feathers of Eurasian black vulture (Aegypius monachus).

The feathers are attached with stiff rawhide loops to the skull cap, loops being sewn to the feather quills and wrapped with linen thread. Red trade cloth patches (aka "firecrackers") cover the base of each feather, besides that the firecrackers are decorated with pink hackles, secured with spiral linen thread wraps. Additionally, the feathers are decorated with a grey fluff at the base, and their tips have green human hair tassels accented with rectangular marks («coup dots») of white gypsum.

At the front center of the feather crown there is a focal plumage or pompon fully decorated with antique rose hackles.

The foundation for the feather crown is cut from a dark brown commercial felt hat. It has prolonged ear flaps and designed to be worn in an old-time fashion above forehead. The outer side of the cap is entirely covered with red linen fabric and decorated with long fringes recycled from a vintage ermine mantle.

The browband is done in lazy stitch technique using seed beads and features conventional Plains style mountains design on a Cheyenne pink background.

In the rear portion of the war bonnet there is a stripped quill tipped with a pompon of antique rose fluffies, also underneath the crown feathers is tied a personal war medicine pouch.

The overall finish and attention to details renders this bonnet a completely believable replica and looks very good to me. Note the pictures and see if you agree. I finished it after more than several years in preparation and feathers gathering.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors)

Manufacture year: 2019

Tribal style: Crow

Finishing: Artificial patina

Materials: Braintan hide *, Czech beads *, Ermine fur *, Felt *, Genuine leather *, Human hair *, Linen *, Metal beads *, Rawhide *, Trade cloth *, Vulture feathers (Aegypius monachus) *

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Feathered war bonnet

It was said in my description that the bonnet is handcrafted from the wing feathers of moxtavovetas (black whirlwind or vulture). In Cheyenne culture moxtavovetas is connected with death, twilight, and the west (Moore, J. 1986:182). Vultures are acknowledged symbolically in the Sun Dance as one of the holy birds.

  • Koos van Oostrom, (2020-03-31)


    Great bonnets. Especially this one - very pleasing combination of colors!

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