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Hidatsa horned headdress

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Reproduction of a mid- 19th-century horned headdress with a short trailer, worn by principal officers (leaders) of the Hidatsa Crazy Dogs warrior society. Made by me (with a partial contribution of beadwork and braintan elk hide by of a prominent Czech craftsman Honza Podzemny) in 2020, after many years of deep research and preparation.

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Strong Hearts men's society headdress of an elk hide, decorated with split, beveled and polished buffalo horns painted dark-red on the reverse, decorated with yellow dyed horse hair, ermine fringes and wrapped seed beadwork over buckskin at tips. Owl wing feathers are attached below the horns. Also standing between the horns and covering the top of the headdress, are rows of clipped vulture feathers.

The beadwork is done using old Italian pound beads and features steep dark-blue triangles on a white background. Both sides of the browband are furnished with abalone drops.

In the rear portion of the headdress there is a short cloth traler, ornamented with bundles of owl feathers and flat rows of eagle feathers tipped with yellow horse hair and white ermine fur patches.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors), Honza Podzemny

Manufacture year: 2020

Tribal style: Hidatsa

Finishing: Artificial patina

Materials: Eagle feathers (Aquila) *, Ermine fur *, Hawk bells *, Hawk feathers (Buteo) *, Horse hair *, Italian beads *, Natural pigment *, Natural silk *, Owl feathers (Bubo Bubo) *, Pound (pony) beads *, Real sinew *, Trade cloth *, Vulture feathers (Aegypius monachus) *

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Horned war bonnet

Warrior society: Crazy Dogs

I had a very poor quality photograph, it's caption saying that the object depicted is a Sioux or Mandan horned headdress from circa 60s to the 70s of the 19th century. The details were not visible clearly, but it's overall composition, and the presence of a short feathered trailer, seemed to me very significant. The rest had to be thought up on the basis of this context and is out of my head. My guess is that it must be a Hidatsa Crazy Dogs officer's headdress with a single flat row of eagle feathers (assuming that the rest rows were simply gone). I did my best to be as close to the original as I could, although this replica headdress is not an exact copy, but a work «based on». It's similar in some degree to NAM-3007, but has no ermine.

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