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Paint stick case

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Central & Northern Plains style beaded paint stick case with a single flap, handcrafted by a prominent Czech artist Petr Pokorny (RIP) in 2011.

Collection of the Artist
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Made of a rawhide tapering liner, covered with buckskin and wrapped with glass bead colors of transparent green, dark green, rose white-heart and white; handmade tin cone tinklets with red horse hair on quilled thongs.

Made by: Petr Pokorny (Petr-Wampum)

Manufacture year: 2011

Tribal style: Lakota, Northern Arapaho, Northern Cheyenne

Materials: Antique Venetian beads *, Hawk bells *, Horse hair *, Metal beads *, Porqupine quills *, Rawhide *, Real sinew *

Length (without suspentions): about 8'

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Bags

Central & Northern Plains Indians made paint stick cases by winding or wrapping beads around a tubular shaft, made originally of rawhide and later sometimes of cardboard. Depending on size, some of these cases may be awl holders as well. These cases were tied on warrrior's bow case or hung on women's belts.

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