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Dog Soldier bonnet

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Premium-quality reproduction of a mid- to late 19th-century Plains Dog Warrior Society horned bonnet with a quill-decorated browband and a crest of eagle feathers. Made by me in 2020.

In private collection
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Made from a commercial leather cap covered with black crow feathers accented with white ermine fur spots. Split, beveled and polished buffalo horns are attached to the leather cap.

The buckskin browband is decorated with flattened and dyed porcupine quills, featuring black running diamonds on a white background.

Each side of the bonnet is decorated with 2 sinew-sewn ermine tubes.

In the middle of the crown there is a removable medial crest of 9 eagle feathers with ermine fur spots and yellow horse hair tufts. Also a Sun Dance quill made from stripped eagle wing feather, tipped with nice redish fluffs, is affixed in front of the crest.

The bonnet is given an overall "aged" appearance to look and feel like a real old artifact from the Buffalo days.

Made by: Maza Sapa (4 Colors), Others

Manufacture year: 2020

Tribal style: Crow, Ute

Finishing: Natural patina, Artificial patina

Materials: Ermine fur *, Genuine leather *, Horse hair *, Rawhide *, Real sinew *

Cap circumference: 62 cm (fits head size under 60 cm)

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Horned war bonnet

Warrior society: Dog Soldiers

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