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Northern Plains style Dag Sheath

SKU: 4028.12.01
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An outstanding 1850 – 1860s reproduction Northern Plains (perhaps Plains Ojibwa or much more likely Plains Cree) style square bottom type unilaterally beaded dag sheath handcrafted by a prominent Czech craftsman Bronislav Hoksila. Not for sale.

Collection of the Artist
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Made of brain tanned deer leather with hand-scarped rawhide liner sewn with real sinew. Dispays both floral (a large clover or four leaves motif) on top and geometric lightning design on the main portion, thread-beaded on the front side using old color seed beads; decorated with with tin-coned horse hair tassels on top and quilled dangles at the bottom.

Made by: Bronislav Hoksila

Manufacture year: 2012

Tribal style: Plains Cree, Plains Ojibwa, Santee Sioux

Materilas: Czech beads *, Horse hair *, Porqupine quills *, Rawhide *, Real sinew *

Length: 26 cm

Width: 8 cm

Total length with drops: 43 cm

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Knife sheath

The difference between ordinary and everyday Indian sheaths from European ones is precisely that they are made not only for storage (although they cope with this task perfectly), but for celebrating the knife that is housed in it as well. As one Indian said, «my knife is not fancy, but is deadly and functional. I celebrate it's beeing by keeping it in this beautiful sheath. Powerful spirits, culture, my weapon, my everyday life are housed within». Therefore, the Indian sheath is always a piece of art.

I used to prefer pieces with geometric design, but over time I began to value floral designs more and more, especially in a combo with geometric, like 4028.12.01 from my collection «», which is a historically authentic and museum-quality replica handcrafted by the classy Czech craftsman.

Like a number of other items from my Plains Indian collection, where I gather the superb specimens of Indian Warrior art and do not have much desire to part with them, «Northern Plains style Dag Sheath SKU 4028.12.01» is not intended for sale and if occasionally someone would be interested to buy it, I will be ready to sell only at a price indicated here as a fair minimum for such a splendid work.

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