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Indian Knife

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11-inch butcher or cutlery knife with a flexible steel blade and hard wood handle, tacked with steel rivets. Coordinates with NAM-4068

Collection of the Artist
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Has no manufacturer's markings, but as judged by rivets layout, is very similar to knives made by J. Russel Co.. It's a simple manufactured knife, whose style has a look of the typical late 19th century American frontier knife. 

Made by: Others

Tribal style: Arikara, Assiniboine, Atsina, Crow, Lakota, Nakota, Plains Cree, Plains Ojibwa, Santee Sioux, Ute, Yanktonai Sioux

Total length: 28 cm

Blade length: 17 cm

Weight: 105 gr

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Central Plains

Insignia type: Knife

The manufactured knife should not to be confused with the trade knife. These knives were manufactured by American companies with primary sales going to households as kitchen ware. They were the last knives on the American frontier. They were easily available and thus found their way into many a beaded sheath.

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