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Dag Knife

SKU: 4033.07.01
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10-inch fighting dag knife with the blade fastened to a rawhide-covered wooden handle. Coordinates with NAM-4039.

In private collection
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Fighting dag with a wide, thin, pointed and double-edged steel blade, fastened to a wooden handle secured with brass rivets and covered with sinew-sewn rawhide. All parts have been artificially aged to give the item a special, vintage character and create a visual and tactile effect of an ancient artifact as if it had been made by an Indian craftsman at least several decades back.

Made by: Cherokee artist Joe

Manufacture year: 2007

Tribal style: Assiniboine, Lakota

Длина: 25 см

Длина лезвия: 14,5 см

Вес: 217 гр

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Lakota Itazipcho

Insignia type: Knife

Dags were used primarily for killing one's foe, because pointed knives are not functional skinning or general use. A true dag has a distinct median ridge. Dag handles were mostly Indian made from wood, bone, horn, or moose and elk antler.

«Dag Knife SKU 4033.07.01» is, in the first place, a valuable item from my personal collection, where I gather the best specimens of Indian Warrior art and do not have much desire to part with them, so if I sell, then at a price that is listed here as the minimum fair for of this work.

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