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Assiniboine Pronghorn Bonnet (replica)

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A fantasy replica of a pronghorn horn bonnet of the Indian Wars era (c. 1870s) inspired by famous Assiniboine Chief He Wets-It's war medicine bonnet handcrafted for me by brilliant American Plains artists Bill and Kathy Brewers in 2010. Not for sale.

In private collection
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Pronghorn antelope horns are attached to a red pigmented brain-tanned buckskin skull cap and reinforced with buffalo rawhide on the inside. The tips of the horns are decorated with clusters of silk ribbon, and the top tips have additional decorations of ermine fringe, hawkbells, cock feathers and beadwork. A quilled buckskin thong connects the tips of the horns.

The browband is beaded in old time color pony beads and serrated along the top. On the top of the beadwork is a row of brass buttons.

The front of the braintanned elk hide cap is covered with ermine fringe, and rosette of clipped black feathers, while the top of the crown and back have clusters of cut and stripped red painted turkey feathers representing hawk.

On the rear portion a rattlesnake skin sewn to a red wool trade cloth trailer hangs down the back, terminating with eight brass shoe buttons, two buckskin medicine bundles and dyed silk ribbon cluster next to the snake rattle. The red wool trailer is notched on either side of the snakeskin and terminates in cut fringe.

The headdress is given an overall "aged" appearance to look and feel like a real old artefact from the Buffalo days.

Made by: Bill & Kathy Brewers (Indian Images)

Manufacture year: 2010

Tribal style: Assiniboine, Nez-Perce

Finishing: Artificial patina

Materials: Ermine fur *, Human hair *, Imitation eagle feathers *, Italian beads *, Natural pigment *, Natural silk *, Real sinew *, Trade cloth *

Cap circumference: 67 cm

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Northern Plains

Insignia type: Horned war bonnet

Warrior society: Crazy Dogs

The hallmark of these brilliant craftsmen (I mean Bill & Kathy Brewers) is the skill to artificially age their works. Many other contemporary craftsmen criticize them pretty much for this, but I believe that this is the only correct approach, giving the piece a special character (what is called a museum quality). Moreover, I do not consider pieces made by many other craftsmen something that deserves my attention, if they are done without being aged. Patinating (aging) is a single art and is criticized by someone who does not know how to do it.

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