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Late 19th c. Lakota Replica Hair Ornament Wapegnaka with horsehair tassel & mirror handcrafted and quilled by a prominent German Plains artist Norbert Kohlruss at Travels Far Trading in 2008.

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Composed of a rawhide panel with quilled slats, the side slats beeing cut to form a lightning design, trimmed with quill-wrapped hide thongs with tin cones and red horse hair attachments, and terminating in a long white horse hair pendant. Other materials used: copper beads, hawk bell, real sinew. All parts have been artificially aged to give the item a special character as to look and feel like a real old artifact from the Old days.

Made by: Norbert Kohlruss (Travels Far Trading)

Manufacture year: 2008

Tribal style: Lakota, Northern Cheyenne

Materials: Braintan hide *, Hawk bells *, Horse hair *, Italian beads *, Metal beads *, Porqupine quills *, Rawhide *, Real sinew *

Total length (including horse tail): 80 cm

Rawhide panel: 29 cm long and 5,5 cm wide

Metacollcection: Plains

Collection: Central Plains

Insignia type: Bags

This type of headdress or hair ornament is generally called «bull tail», because usually on the lower portion of the panel, with the longer, wavy or loosely curled hair tassel is typically suspended from the bottom. This ornament became very popular during the beginning of the reservation period. Sometimes the ornament was attached to the lower end of a hair roach spreader and hung down the wearer's back. These days this piece is normally attched to back end of a dancers spreader and hangs in the tail of the roach rather than being worn as a seperate piece.

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