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Northern Plains

Original & replica artifacts after or in style of the tribes of the Northern Plains and Prairie regions (Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wyoming; Plains tribes: Assiniboine, Atsina, Blackfeet (Piegan, Blood or Kainai, Blackfoot, Siksika), Plains Cree, Sarsi, Stoney, Teton Lakota; Northern Prairie tribes: Plains Ojibwa).
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Northern Plains Hairpipe Beaded Choker

SKU: 2134.16.01

Inspirational recreation of the Northern Plains 5–rows bone hairpipe choker based on the existing originals and my knowledge of a wide range of Plains style chokers in the latter quarter of the 19th century and the early reservation period. Coordinates with matching breastplate NAM-2330

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Northern Plains Feather War Bonnet (replica)

SKU: 2919.15.01

An early 20th c. Blackfeet style feather war bonnet (reproduction). Made by me in .

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Northern Plains Feather War Bonnet (replica)

SKU: 3002.17.01

Premium-quality inspirational recreation of late 19th c. Northern Plains feather war bonnet with a short trade cloth trailer. This bonnet is the best of what I made thus far....

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Paint stick case

SKU: 4019.11.01

Central & Northern Plains style beaded paint stick case with a single flap, handcrafted by a prominent Czech artist Petr Pokorny (RIP).

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Northern Plains style Dag Sheath

SKU: 4028.12.01

An outstanding 1850 – 1860s reproduction Northern Plains (perhaps Plains Ojibwa or much more likely Plains Cree) style square bottom type unilaterally beaded dag sheath handcrafted by a prominent Czech craftsman Bronislav Hoksila. Not for sale.

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Great Lakes style Dag Sheath

SKU: 4029.12.01

An outstanding reproduction Great Lakes style square bottom type bilaterally beaded dag sheath handcrafted by a Polish craftsman Marcin Pejasz. Just for demonstration, not for sale (unless I would be absolutely compelled by your irresistible offer).

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