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New arrivals to the Gallery over the past several months.

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Grizzly Claw Necklace

SKU: 2542.18.01

Long necklace with a medicine bag of brain-tanned hide and old beads with a grizzly claw (realistic replica) pendant. For sale or trade.

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Northern Plains Choker

SKU: 2201.18.01

Museum quality replica of the Blackfoot 2-rows beaded choker. Made by me in .

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Northern Plains style Choker

SKU: 2202.18.01

Blackfoot or rather Northern Plains-inspired 2-rows choker. Made by me in .

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Assiniboine Loop Necklace

SKU: 2344.18.01

Reproduction Northern Plains (Assiniboine, Plains Cree, Sarcee etc) style 10-rows beaded loop necklace / breastplate with bronze medallion and braided human hair pendant. For sale or trade. Handcrafted by me in .

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Plateau or Northern Plains Loop Necklace

SKU: 2336.18.01

Reproduction Plateau or Northern Plains style 10-rows beaded so-called loop necklace / breastplate of the late Indian wars and early reservation period, handcrafted by me in .

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Plains Feather War Bonnet

SKU: 3005.19.01

An inspirational reproduction of a turn of late 19th — early 20th century Plains style war bonnet. Made by me in .

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