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Hairbow Ornament

SKU: 2600.20.01

Reproduction Upper Missouri or Transmontane (Northern Plains & Plateau) style hairbows handcrafted by me in .

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Lakota style breastplate

SKU: 2346.20.01

breastplate, Lakota style: hairpipes, genuine old Padre beads, brass beads, brass-tacked rawhide shield, hawk-bells, bronze pendant, natural silk ribbons, hand-dyed cotton rope for stringing and fringes.

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Shoulder mirror bag

SKU: 4043.07.02

Lazy-stich beaded shoulder mirror bag decorated with quilled thongs and large brass buttons.

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Replica Lakota breastplate

SKU: 2347.20.01

Premium quality reproduction of late 19th c. Lakota bone hair pipe dance breastplate. For sale or trade. Made by me in .

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Feather war bonnet

SKU: 3010.20.01

An inspirational reproduction of a turn of late 19th — early 20th century Arapaho / Cheyenne / Lakota style straight-up war bonnet. Made by me in .

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