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Quirt is an important accessory among the Indian tribes of the Plains, Prairies and Plateau. It was used not only in it's main function - to control the horse, but also to count "coups" (war exploits) by touching the body of the foe. It consists of a rigid haft (handle), a wrist strap of beaded/quilled buckskin or trade cloth, and a narrow lash (sometimes twisted or doubled). The haft was made mostly of elk antlers, horn or wood and in many cases was decorated with an abstract geometric pattern of brass studs or carvings telling about the military exploits of the owner.
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Native American Lakota style Riding Horse Quirt

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Old style two-lash horse riding quirt (riding whip) with elk antler handle and hide wrist strap beaded in 5 lazy stitch lanes of Lakota Itazipcho design, handcrafted for me by prominent Native American artists Joe and Angie.

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