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“Roach” is a traditional male headdress of a number of Native American tribes made from turkey beard hair, porcupine guard hair and deer-tail hair. Symbolically its an imitation of fire, the red color being for the blaze and the black hair — for smoke. The eagle feather represents the iruska man who understands the fire. He is standing in the fire or has placed the lire about his whole body. The headdress represents the fireplace, the bone tube the medicine, and the feather, the man himself standing in the center of the fireplace. According to the Pawnee tradition, man came from an ear of corn and corn has life and life is fire. The original word for “iruska” is “iriska” (singular), “iruska” (plural), they are inside fire. The wood used for the iruska fire was cottonwood and willows.
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