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The Transmontane Collection repsesents Indian artifacts (either original or replica) featuring a mixture of cultural traits (primarily quillwork and beadwork styles and techiques) of Central Plains (Crow) and Plateau tribes, i.e done in the so called Transmontane Style. Transmontane beadwork designs emphasize panels or bands divided by transverse stripes containing smooth hourglass or triangular forms in pastel colors, against a light blue or lavender pink background. In quillwork — quilling with a technique called quill-wrapped horsehair, which is done by carefully winding the flattened and died barbs around slender bundles of hair. Another decorative technique is dress embellishing with precious eye-teeth or tushes of many elk.
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Plateau Ermine Split Horn Bonnet

SKU: 3004.18.00

Premium-quality reproduction of a mid- to late 19th-century Plateau or Transmontane style ermine split horn bonnet. For sale or trade. Made by me in .

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Plains hairpipe breastplate (replica)

SKU: 2369.09.01

Inspirational recreation of the Central Plains warrior's bone hairpipe breastplate based on the existing originals and my knowledge of a wide range of Plains style breastplates in the latter quarter of the 19th century and the early reservation period. For sale or trade.

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