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“Wapegnake” (in Lakota and “wapehnake” in Dakota) is a quilled hair ornament worn on the back of the head or sometimes attached to a porcupine hair roach. The main body of the wapehnake is usually made up of porcupine quillwork done in one of several styles. Above the quillwork there is sometimes a mirror. Above the mirror, if there is one, are two feather groups consisting of one or more feathers, standing upright, bunched at the upper corners of the rectangular piece of quillwork. Attached at the base of the quillwork is a long hair fall, generally of horsehair or buffalo tail. There is minor variation in this structure among most museum specimens. Sometimes there are quilled dangles from the upper corners or from the sides of the large quilled piece. On the decorated section quillwork may be done in one of several styles or the decoration may be done in beadwork. The basic structure remains the same. It is the decorative styles which make the pieces unique.
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Late 19th c. Lakota Replica Hair Ornament Wapegnaka with horsehair tassel & mirror handcrafted and quilled by a prominent German Plains artist Norbert Kohlruss at Travels Far Trading. Not for sale (unless I would be absolutely compelled by your irresistible offer).

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wapehnake, wapegnake, wapegnaiki

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